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Smartphone service centre a Porur in Chennai

Want to fix your smartphones as good as new? We provide the best solution at an affordable price.

The world we live in now will not be the same without smartphones and mobiles, with the last decade sharply advancing in the field of technology. This advance was in a way due to the contribution of smartphones. With numerous brands of smartphones out there and each having its own pros and cons, there is not a single person who can be found without a smartphone. The rising demand for new models and features of smartphones has also increased the need for a proper service centre to fix and repair all kinds of damages and problems. We at RV Technology take pride in being one of the few authorized service centers for repairing smartphones and mobiles of prominent brands like Mi, Redmi, Xiaomi, Vivo, Samsung, Oppo, Micromax, Poco, Apple, Moto, One Plus, Lenovo and more.

Our service center at Porur in Chennai is visited by many and is equipped with the latest state-of-the-art facilities to provide the best mobile service and repair. Our specialists make use of the latest technologies to offer unique services that can only be provided by individuals with in-depth knowledge. We at RV Technology are proud to inform you that our technicians at Porur are experts at handling all types of service and repair as per the needs and requirements of the clients. if you are facing issues with the smartphone you purchased, you can just visit us or call our customer care and tell them the issue. Our expert technicians will make an accurate diagnosis of the problem or cause to offer the best fix and repair solution for your problem.

Quality Smartphone screen replacement service at Porur, Chennai

If your mobile/smartphone screen has numerous scratches or is damaged and you cannot view the display properly, just bring it to us. We provide the best screen replacement service in Chennai and ensure the satisfaction of all our customers.

Excellent Smartphone Battery service at Porur, Chennai

Your smartphone's battery plays a vital role in your mobile's life and we make it last several hours with our battery service. A mobile's battery gradually loses its efficiency and gets damaged with prolonged usage and time. At RV Technology we provide the best battery replacement and repairs to make your phone function as good as new.

Best Smartphone Data Recovery service at Porur, Chennai

Software issues are a common problem that many mobiles face nowadays and no phone is an exception to it. We at RV Technology have the best experts and specialists who provide the best data recovery and bug fixing for your device. Our technicians are adept at fixing all types of software issues faced by your mobile.

Unparalleled Smartphone Mother Board service at Porur, Chennai

The motherboard service at RV Technology is a completely genuine and affordable process where we repair and replace old damaged and non-working boards with an original spare. Our professionals are skilled specialists who can provide accurate chip-level services. The spares we use are verified for their genuineness and the parts we repair are tested and checked for their functionality before we give them back to you.

Top camera replacement service at Porur, Chennai

Most mobile/smartphone holders are interested in taking selfies and photos of things they come across, if you are such a passionate selfie or photo lover, a damaged or dysfunctional camera should never stop you. We at RV Technology are passionate in what we do to provide the best camera repair and replacement service near you.

Complete Smartphone parts repair at Porur, Chennai

You don’t have to worry about your phone anymore. Whether it got damaged by water or got its glass broken, has a dysfunctional touchscreen, power button problem, software issues, camera issue or battery issue you don’t have to worry anymore, for we fix it all at the best affordable price.

Best Smartphone power button replacement service at Porur, Chennai

If you are facing any issues with the power button on the Smartphone, just bring your mobile to us. The experts at RV Technology are skilled and talented individuals who can fix any problems with ease and in the quickest time to offer you the best convenience.